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Why The Naked Dog?

     Beyond the practical grooming differences between a bath/brushout service and a clipper/scissor haircut, all dogs have different emotional needs from their groomer. While many love the attention, there will always be those that need a little help getting through the process.

     At THE NAKED DOG, every dog is groomed at its own pace. Old or young, excited or nervous, bold or shy, your pet will always be treated special at THE NAKED DOG Grooming Salon.

     ...and when the groom is finished, when all of the bathing, brushing, trimming and clipping is done...the dance of the naked dog is really something to see.



Renee Vallee

Dog Groomer 2647 Sandringham Crescent

Regina SK  S4V 3C6

Why a home based grooming salon?

     Some dogs don't do well in the busy atmosphere of the big salons. A home based grooming salon can more easily cater to the unique needs of your pet.  Every dog is different, and should be groomed in the manner that best suits its health, age, and temperament. Much can be accomplished with slow introductions to grooming equipment, quiet individual appointments, and frequent treat/cuddle breaks. The end result is significantly reduced anxiety for your pet...and you.




Quiet home-based salon located in Windsor Park in east Regina.

Salon philosopy


Individual appointments are structured to beautify your pet while reducing the stress that can be associated with the grooming process.



Special discount on grooms for new adoptions from the RHS.



          Certified in Pet First Aid

     Re-certified in Pet First Aid by ​Walks N Wags in October 2014. The course was taught by Louise Yates of K-Lane Kennels at The Regina Humane Society.



Treat break.


Stabilizing the dreaded "nail file impalement" for transport to vet care.

Before & After

Come visit The NAKED DOG Grooming Salon in Windsor Park, east Regina. We offer full grooms as well as touch-ups to keep your pet looking and smelling great. A full groom includes double shampoo, conditioner, ears cleaned/plucked, nails and paw pads trimmed and either a clipper/scissor cut or thorough brushout.

Bookings are by individual appointment only but multi-dog families are always welcomed.

We are open Tuesday to Saturday 8:00 to 5:00. Call or text 306-531-3941, or for your next appointment. 

 I look forward to meeting you and your furry friend.

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Wrapping and stabilizing a "broken tail".