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Combing out mats and tangles is very hard on a dog. Extensively matted dogs will be shaved down so we can start fresh. There are many tools and techniques that can drastically reduce the chances of the coat matting up again. I would be glad to share this information with you.

- If your dog has fleas or lice, you will be called to come pick up your dog and you will be charged a $50 cleanup fee to ready the salon for the next client.

- If you chose not to vaccinate your dog, you must understand that there is a chance of contracting a disease when visiting an establishment that sees multiple dogs daily. If your dog is not current on vaccinations, and is unwell, his immune system may be compromised making him more susceptible to disease. The groom should be postponed until he is stronger. Puppies should be at least four months old and have had their last set of shots from the vet before they are brought to the salon.

​- If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment and have failed to inform of such, this is consedered a

"no-show". After a second no-show you will be required to make future appointments in person and to pay for the groom at the time of booking. 

- You are asked to please respect the time of other customers. If you are late by more than 10 minutes when picking up your dog, you will be charged a late fee of $10. You will then be charged an additional $10 for every 15 minute increment thereafter. 



RENEE  - owner/groomer

ROCCO - stock manager for salon treats

When work meets passion...

     Dogs are funny. I mean really, really funny. And I am a groomer because I love having daily interaction with them.

They're each unique - tiny Chihuahuas, massive Newfoundlands, dancey Westies, stoic poodles - but they are all dogs. Over and over, they come into the shop with the same attitude; "I don't know who you are, but I already think you are fabulous...and do I smell treats?". With that kind of an opening all I have to do is meet their expectations with kindness and respect, and ladies and gentlemen...we have a love connection!





   These two beauties are Zoe and Titus. Titus can be a little intense. He never gets too worked up, but he always looks like he's right on the verge, you know? He waits in the big chair while Zoe gets the works done. Ever the big brother. Ever watchful that his sister okay. Alert to every aspect of Zoe's groom. Then I switch them out and Zoe takes her turn in the big chair. However, she takes a slightly different approach to wait time. She generally likes to pass the time by napping. And snoring. And occasionally nibbling on salon treats. Zoe has discovered that The Naked Dog can be a great place to catch up on your beauty sleep. No need to get all worked's only a groom.

Like I said...dogs are funny.


     When I worked at the Regina Humane Society I dealt with dogs of all sizes and temperaments. That experience helped me to appreciate that although dogs share many basic instincts and personality traits, their life experiences can certainly impact their perceptions of people and situations. At The Naked Dog I groom at the dog's pace. If they want to play and visit, great. If they need everything taken down a notch, then that's great too. My passion is dogs. If they're content and secure throughout our time together...then I've done my job.


Renee Vallee

Owner / Groomer


 RENEE - owner/groomer

 LUCKY  - past stock manager for salon treats

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