It all depends on what you want from a dog grooming service.


      At THE NAKED DOG I offer a warm and welcoming environment for both you and your pet.

My services are set up to make your dog feel as comfortable as possible. New smells, sounds, and unfamiliar people can make dogs anxious. Some have never encountered a forced-air dryer or an electric clipper. Others may have separation anxiety. Whatever the reason, a groom can be a very frightening event for a dog.

     However, steps can be taken so that a trip to the groomer's doesn't have to be a negative event. As a home based business I offer individual appointments. There are no other dogs in the salon during your appointment and no distractions caused by people coming and going. This allows your dog to be groomed at his own pace. If he is getting anxious over the dryer, or unsettled by his nail trim, we can take a few minutes to just sit and visit, or go for a pee brake in the yard. 

     Your dog will be groomed when you drop him off at your scheduled appointment time. No sitting in a kennel before and after his groom, waiting for his turn or waiting to be picked up.

​     I have seen the difference that this kind of atmosphere can have on the entire process. It's the way I want my dogs to be groomed and that is why I began grooming in the first place.

​     If this is how you envision your dog's spa day, then give me a call. I'd love to meet you.

Before the groom.

Grooming options

Grooming doesn't have to mean a haircut. Long coated breeds like a  Pomeranian or a Cavalier King Charles, or even short coated breeds like a Pug or a Beagle (or a Puggle), can be de-shed.  Removing their blowing undercoat can leave your home virtually hair free.

30 Minute Tidy-up

Half hour appointment to tidy-up between full grooms. Includes 2- 3 of Touch-ups listed above (depending on condition of coat)...................$22

Why extra fees?

Some dogscome to the grooming salon having gone many months, or even years, since their last groom. Extra work and time may be needed if the dog's coat is in very rough shape due to mats or large amounts of unremoved undercoat.

The de-shedding process takes time to remove all of the undercoat. The more undercoat, the more time that is needed.

Even more time and effort is needed if the dog has developed extensive mats. Care to detail is required when removing mats because of the need to get the clipper close enough to the skin to get under them. This can be dangerous, especially when the mats are on the face or in the sanitary area.

If your dog has become extensively matted we can start fresh by shaving him down, and then discuss the tools, products, and techniques that can help keep this from happening again. It's simple when you know how.

Special Offers

$15 off first full groom when you bring in adoption papersfrom the Regina Humane Society or Pack Project (within one month of adoption).

After the de-shedding process.

The Naked Dog

grooming salon


Nails trimmed............................$12

Ears cleaned/plucked................$12

Face tidy....................................$15

Sanitary tidy...............................$15


The following prices are for dogs that are groomed regularly. Extra fees may apply for dogs that have gone several months since last being groomed due to mats or an abundance of undercoat. Difficult temperaments may also lead to extra fees.

small dog............................$60

medium dog........................$70



A full groom includes:

- double shampoo( with tearless shampoo on head)

- moisturizing conditioner

- hand dry and brush out

- nails and paw pads trimmed

- ears cleaned

- haircut or brush out with undercoat removed